February 28, 2017

Astronomy Data

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SGDO Homepage

SGDO Homepage

SGDO User repository

User repository for ordered data

Up to the end of 2010, access to ODIN astronomy data was through the SGDO located at CNES in Toulouse.
This system allowed users to:

  • access SMR level 0 data (autocorrelator and acousto-optical spectrometer (AOS))
  • visualize spectra
  • calibrate those spectra in frequency and amplitude (level 1 products)
  • distribute raw spectra (level 0) or calibrated ones (level 1) in varied formats (CLASS and FITS), as well as auxiliary data (housekeeping data and satellite attitude data)
  • download software (IDL) enabling the data to be used scientifically

Spectrum Spectra Integration
Example of spectrum displayed through the SGDO Example of spectra integration by the SGDO

Now the L0 and L1 data are available on the Swedish SNSB website: http://esrange.pdc.kth.se/odin/. To access the data, you will need to obtain a login and password.

 SGDO Ordering interface

Data ordering interface

Download SGDO

SGDO softwares (IDL) download interface