February 27, 2017


The ODIN satellite is composed of:

  • a telescope module, consisting of the telescope reflectors (1.1-m diameter) and two star trackers used for attitude sensing, with a support structure. This module makes big demands on thermal stability and alignment accuracy.
  • a spacecraft bus, housing the spacecraft data handling and sensor electronics. The outside houses the launcher interface ring, sun sensors and solar panel mechanisms.
  • a payload, consisting of a Sub-Millimeter wave Radiometer (SMR) and an optical spectrometer with an ultraviolet near infrared spectroscopy capability (OSIRIS).

Satellite main characteristics:

Mass250 kg
Platform170 kg
Payload80 kg
Height2 m
Width1.1 m stowed and 3.8 m opened
Power340 W from deployable fixed arrays
Pointing accuracy±15 arcsec in observation mode, ±1.2 arcmin scanning
Datalink> 720 kbits/s to Esrange tracking station (Kiruna)
Mass memory> 100 Mb in solid state memory
Lifetime2 years

Since launches to terminator orbits are uncommon, ODIN was designed for a dedicated launch. The satellite was launched by the Russian START-1, from Svobodny, Russia.