February 27, 2017

French Contribution

CNES contribution to the Odin mission covers:

  • the supply of an acousto-optical spectrometer (AOS) developed with oversight from LAS, with CESR and the ARPEGES radioastronomy department of the Meudon observatory
  • the procurement from French industry of solar sensors, star trackers  and gyroscopes
  • the control and determination of the satellite's attitude, particularly in supplying a star catalogue for the star tracker and in seconding an engineer from CNES' Toulouse Space Centre to the Swedish project group
  • satellite environmental tests at INTESPACE, under Swedish responsibility
  • telescope aligment tests at CESR in Toulouse

CNES is also working with the French laboratories on a user ground segment that performed scientific validation of the data. This user ground segment is mainly composed of:

  • a scientific data processing unit for aeronomy (MOLIERE), with algorithms developed by Bordeaux observatory with the support from the French software compagny Silogic for the technical and operational environment. This data processing step retrieves the molecule profiles in the atmosphere (level 2 products)
  • a data management and processing system for astronomy, developed by Silogic, runing on computers at CNES in Toulouse