February 27, 2017

Aeronomy French Scientific Organization

The French institutions and laboratories working on the aeronomy component of the Odin project are:

The Bordeaux Observatory's role is to develop:

  • a beta data processing system for L1B-SMR products (calibrated spectra) to provide L2 products (atmospheric component vertical profiles); this beta system is based on inversion software used to estimate a molecule whose spectrum will be centred on the width of the spectrograph's band (auto-correlator or AOS) and on a defined number of channels
  • some graphics tools for generating maps for L2 products (each layer contour, zonal mean of vertical profiles, satellite track and measurement point location, etc.)

For each species to be validated, a group of scientists has been created including at least one French scientist.

The French aeronomy group has decided to validate five priority species  (O3, ClO, HNO3, N2O and H2O) in the "low stratosphere" observation mode, and to participate in aerosol validation using OSIRIS data and temperature data from SMR measurements in the 119-GHz band. This validation will consist in:

  • comparing the estimated profiles and exogenous data from different measurements: ground, balloons, aerials (from the THESEO campaign of the EC and the NDSC network) or satellites
  • comparing the inversions performed with the Swedish and French softwares
  • following the different types of level 2 data mapping produced with the different software (feedback of analysis to the group, identification of problems met, etc.)
  • suggesting software improvements

The number of French scientists belonging to the Odin aeronomy group using the data is estimated at 15.

Scientists that don't belong to this group will have limited access to Odin data, in accordance with the Odin data use protocol.