February 27, 2017

Astronomy French Scientific Organization

The French institutions and laboratories working on the astronomy component of the Odin project are:

The ARPEGES laboratory's role is to:

  • work with the Chalmers team on definying level 0, level 1A and level 1B products, as well as definying the process for transforming  level 0 to level 1A and level 1B products

  • verify the AOS is working correctly during a one-year phase including flight tests. To achieve this ARPEGES, has developed software to:
    • process level 0-SMR/AOS to monitor the instrument's operation
    • transform data from level 0-SMR/AOS to level 1-SMR/AOS to evaluate instrument performance

  • develop or suggest tools supporting transformation of level 1 to level 2

  • define the hardware and software configuration needed for French scientists to use level 1 products in their own laboratories

The number of French scientists belonging to the Odin astronomy group using data is estimated at 15.